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2010-09-27 interview
Preschool Interview
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Learning at Musik Angel is fun, I can see a great improvement on Hayden’s performance after 3-months class. Clean environment w/safety cushion around classroom. Ms Taryn teaches children w/heart & big smile always.

Hayden Yeung’s mum

My daughter joins Kindermusik and English classes that are held by Musik Angel for almost 3 years. The teachers that Musik Angel selects are excellent and strict, have patience, experienced. They know children's speciality, unleashing children’s potential according to their aptitude. I found that the Kindermusik course that my daughter studied is very helpful to the musical instrument that she studies now and also helps her picking up faster.

Athena Yu’s mum

The course of this school gets close to daily life very much, so it is very clear and easy to be understood, the teacher is also very attentive. There’re games for every lesson which are all around the words they are learning. At the beginning of every lesson, teacher will review materials from before. The environment is also very good, there are a lot of teaching aids.

Hugo Luk's mum

The teacher teaches and explains the course diligently. Cares for children! The environment of the school is neat and clean! Rebecca is patient to arrange make up class for us and adjusted 10:30 Thursday class so that we can have this time finally.

Cyrus Law’s mum

Good academic environment
The teacher and staff are friendly
The course is worth recommending to others

Chloe Chan’s dad

Very satisfied with the course, the place is convenient, the environment is neat and comfortable

Ka Yin’s mum

Ms Mok teaches very well. She is very diligent in instructing my son with a progressive and encouraging teaching method which makes my child happy, learning happily

Bryan’s mum

My kid enjoyed every lesson. Environment is pleasant & safe. Program run down is generally well organized. Instructor is very attentive & caring for my kid. Overall, good experience, well done.

Cheuk Naam's parent

My child has been learning the piano with Ms Tam for about one year. I can see that Ms Tam is diligent in teaching children, with good method and patience. That is really good. Hope that my child continues studying with the teacher. Musik Angel’s location is good, MongKok district is relatively convenient. The administrative staff in this building is very attentive. The staffs in Musik Angel are very good too, patient and courteous to others, also caring for children. Give people a comfortable feeling. On the whole, I am very satisfied with all aspects.

Felix Law’s mum

A comfortable environment, the teachers are caring, a lively and dynamic teaching method!!

Joshua Tang’s mum

Ms Mok is benevolent, caring and an extremely kind teacher. The environment is comfortable, the traffic is convenient.

Rico Cheng’s mum

Since participating in the course of your school, I have discovered that the teacher’s instruction is very helpful to Long Long. Appreciate the discount for existing students. The course is moderate, suitable to Long Long, enabling him to absorb. He really learned in the class, he will repeat the movements that the teacher taught after he goes home.

Kin Long's parent

I have known Ms Mok for about three years ago, my son has entered a theory examination that time. Since he never learned the piano, I was really worry about him. But then I discussed the problem with Ms Mok, he finally got a very high mark after Ms Mok’s diligent instruction. I am very appreciated for her conscientious teaching attitude. My youngest son has been learning piano with Ms Tang, and have good achievement. Thanks again to Ms Mok.

Sam Hui’s mum